There are so many ways that YOU can help us with our mission:

Shop our store!! Our thrift store only accepts very gently used merchandise. We also have a large selection of awareness, therapy, and brand new items, as well as a section with collectibles, toys, and comics. Don’t forget to enjoy a pastry and some coffee while you are here!!

Merchandise donations (gently used, good condition) for our thrift can be dropped off at 2908 West Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, Florida 33614 for larger items you can schedule pick up by calling 813-879-6770

If shopping online is more your thing, you can support that way, too. Shop our Amazon store at, our eBay store at, and our shopping website at

Monetary donations can be made via Paypal at or by check made payable to Autism Awareness Shop and mail to 2908 West Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, Florida 33614. Our tax ID for your records is 47-4899006.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of opportunities does Autism Awareness Shop offer those with autism?

Vocational opportunities the Autism Awareness Shop (AAS) are vast. We offer lots of different options for our friends to find the right fit for them. We provide exposure to every aspect of a retail establishment including; customer service, working the register, organizing and sorting merchandise in the store, pricing and staging merchandise, and keeping the store neat and tidy. In addition to that, our friends can learn how to list items, fulfill orders, and maintain email correspondence with customers through our Amazon stores, eBay stores, and websites. Coming soon, we will be able to offer experiences in horticulture/agriculture. We will have 2 greenhouses behind our building one for herbs and veggies and one for plants and flowers. Everything that is grown at AAS will be sold at AAS.

AAS’s Adult Day Training and Therapy Services help our friends reach their full potential in all areas. We focus on life skills, social skills, and vocational exposure throughout all of our programs.

Why is Autism Awareness Shop’s mission so important?

There is currently a 90% unemployment rate for adults with autism. Every barrier that autistic adults breakdown today is one less that autistic children will face tomorrow. Autism affects 1 in 54 school-age children in the US. Every one of those children with autism will grow up to be an adult with autism. Now is the time to shift the way society views the potential of the autistic population, they have so much to offer.