We provide Adult Day Training, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, ABA, tutoring, companion services, respite, and social skills groups for adolescent and adult clients. We provide these services within our facility, your home, or a combination of both. This can be the perfect fit for the friends who need just a little more independence with their communication and/or life skills to be successful in our vocational program.

Occupational Therapy

In our facility, we use a developmental approach to evaluate our Friends. This means we look at the whole person as they are ever evolving, improving, progressing and moving towards their goals throughout their lifespan.

Our Occupational Therapy team assess developmental levels and skill sets across all domains (work, self-care and leisure). We meet our friends where they are and help guide them to that next step; ever conscious of individual needs, and their desire to flourish.

We identify the deficiencies, but more importantly we focus on strengths. We help our friends remediate, compensate and accommodate for an identified weakness. We help them use their strengths to reach their maximum level of independence within their scope of disability.

Speech & Language Therapy

Our Speech Team addresses any challenges with language and communication. We help people with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication. The overall goal is to help the person communicate in more useful and functional ways. … Some individuals on the autism spectrum are not able to speak and that is okay, there are alternatives to spoken language to help our friends become very successful communicators.

Behavior Therapy (ABA)

Our team of ABA Therapists provide intensive therapy that focuses on the principles and techniques of learning theory to help improve social behavior. ABA therapy helps to (1) develop new skills, (2) shape and refine previously learned skills, and (3) decrease socially significant problem behaviors.

Adult Day Training Program

Our Adult Day Training program at Autism Awareness Shop offers a wide variety of structured activities, social interaction and skill-building opportunities that enrich the lives of adults with autism (our friends).  Our center-based adult day program offers structure and excitement for our friends who look forward to seeing each other and staff members each day.

Our program offers wonderful opportunities to explore new areas of interest or to expand on the ones that they already have. Each friend will have an individualized program focusing on their personal goals. There are many activities to engage in including:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Computer training
  • Physical fitness
  • Cooking
  • Reading/Writing/Academics
  • Household Chores/Responsibilities
  • Self-Care/Personal Appearance
  • Music
  • Vocational Skill Building
  • Social Skills/Communication Skill Building
  • Independent Living Skill Building
  • Personal Safety Skill Building
  • Behavior Strategy Skill Building
  • Self-Advocacy

We also offer active treatment and therapeutic services—including Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Behavior Therapy. These services can be provided within the adult day training day or afterward. There are opportunities to participate in group treatment exercises or one-on-one therapy sessions, based on their Individualized Service Plans.

Our purpose is to find the activities within our Adult Day Training program that are right for each individual and meet goals that change their lives for the better.