Autism Awareness Shop is a place where you can be appreciated and valued for all that you are. We will do our best to make sure that you are able to find the right “fit” for the strengths that you bring to the workplace. Everyone who takes part in our Vocational Program will be exposed to a wide variety of opportunities within our retail store, online stores, and coming soon our horticulture program. We want to prepare you for potential employment in the community.

Vocational Training

We accept referrals from Vocational Rehabilitation, MedWaiver, and Gardiner’s Scholarship. We also accept private clients, as well.  We provide pre-employment training including resume writing, interview skills, interpersonal skills, appearance and hygiene skills, accessing public transportation, and conflict resolution. We assist our clients in finding employment opportunities within the community. We provide the skills needed to not only find employment but to maintain that employment.

Employment Services and Job Skills Boot Camp

Our employment services department is managed by Bosley Enterprises Unlimited. For more information please contact Ardena Bosley at or 810-394-9009 (text preferred).